Koçal Tissue Paper

About Us

Since 1995, Kocal Paper Industry is a family - run company, producing cleaning tissues. It begins to manufacture in industries cleaning tissue sector and from now on, with the instutionalizing and brand importance Kocal Paper has been in the leader manufacturer in Turkey.

Its center office is in İstanbul - Küçükçekmece and distribution warehouse is in Ankara. At the end of the year 2012, Kocal Paper made a production factory investment in Sakarya 2. Organized Industrial Zone and this made it grow and develop. Factory manufactures with experienced staff in a modernized, clean and reliable facility without compromising time and quality.

With SOSİ and VİLO trademarks, Kocal Paper has become a Pioneer, in industrial cleaning tissues sector, having about 750 tonnes / month wiht brands SOSİ, VİLO BRAVA AND TAMİ. While the factory regards its main brands SOSİ and VİLO importantly, and offers another alternatives BRAVA and TAMİ fort he purpose of serving different product varieties to customers.

The company increases own quality standards by deserving TSEK, TSE and ISO 9001 Quality Management System.The satisfaction of the customers is a main priority for Kocal Paper and the company looks forward a lot of new distributors to share its professionalism and prestige around the World. Different demands such as producing under their own brands and labels of the domestic and foreign customers are taken into account meticulously.

Kocal Paper Industry aims at increasing its production capacity by adding new contracts in the coming years and being a global brand in the 15 countries which have exported faithfully for years.