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6 Apr 2016
1 Jun 2015

Kocal Paper with new z folded paper machine has started the production of untouched z folded paper towels.

18 Feb 2016

Aegean Hosttech Fair Platform 2016 Hospitality, Accommodation Technology and Home Comsumption Fair welcoming guests between 18 - 21 February 2016 at Ephesus Trade and Convention Center in Kusadasi.

13 Jun 2013

We attended 9th InternationalFairofCosmetics BeautyHair between13 to 15 June2013. KOÇAL TİSSUE PAPER took place in İstanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center, organized 9. InternationalCosmeticsBeauty Hair Fair. We pays great attention tothe developmentof these activities to introduceour company in foreign markets andto findnew franchises and we believe that this is an invaluable facility to get into important connections. We were pleased with the interest shown in our products and it honoured us,as Koçal Paper family to hostmany foreign guests.

29 May 2013

We attended this great exhibition called, International Algeria 46.FIA Fair in Algeria from May 29th to June 3th 2013 to meet our precious visitors. Besidesthe numerousfacilitiesprovided bythe globalized worldbut alsobroughta toughcompetitive environment. Hence we took place in this commercial organisation to be heard among the many powerfulcompaniesinthe world.

28 Mar 2013

It is organized the Out of HomeSuppliesEquipmentSupplies &Distribution ChannelSuppliersExhibition in Istanbul CNREXPO ExhibitionCentre between28 and 31 March2013 firstly in this year. We are the only company in our sector as participant in this exhibition which supported by ETÜDER (Home Consumption Suppliers Association), and our primaryaim isa radicalsuccess for our companyamong the best inthe market.

01 Jan 2013

The center office is in İstanbul - Küçükçekmece and distribution warehouse is in Ankara. At the end of the year 2012, Kocal Paper made a production factory investment in Sakarya 2. Organized Industrial Zone and this made it grow and develop. Factory manufactures with experienced staff in a modernized, clean and reliable facility without compromising time and quality.

27 Sep 2012

Beauty eurasia exhibition is in the second year of being organized between 27th and 29th of September in 2012 in istanbul expo exhibition center and it is a great pleasure for us being in this reputable exhibition in foreign market. The closely interests of both domestic and foreign guests who visited our company and our products in Pulire Eurasia IndustrialandEnvironmental CleaningExhibition honoured us.